The Story

‘A Seed for Change’ is a 75 minutes long Greek documentary and my first feature film. As an unemployed film maker and victim of the economic crisis I took on a long journey looking for alternative ways that would allow me to bypass the ugliness of the demonstrations on the streets of Athens in Greece and to reach to a viable solution for the global depression that was hitting our modern ways of life. Until 2008 I was working in the production field, making television commercials for international brands. As my income was fading away, I was spending most of my time just sitting there, avoiding spending any money and worrying about things that I used to take for granted. I got scared for not being able to sustain myself anymore.

 After a long investigation it became evident that only when we are able to grow food without the need of a financial income, we will break this vicious circle of fear, and make way to transcend to another level of human experience and it all linked back to agricultural seeds and knowing how to plant those seeds using a zero input organic method to produce high quality free food that provides all the nutrients our body requires for healthy living. Thus long journey begins, looking for agricultural seeds and the know-how for growing my own food for free – a simple individualistic solution that soon proved to be a very complex global problem.