‘White Russian’

Siberian kale / Chou Frisé Sibérien / Λαχανίδα απο Σιβηρία


Common Name: Siberian kale / Chou Frisé Sibérien / Λαχανίδα απο Σιβηρία

Scientific Name: Brassica napus pabularia


Plant’s cycle: Annual/Biennial

Light Requirement: full sun and semi-shade

Soil type: any soil type.

Sowing in nursery: -

Direct Planting: Spring

Germination: 10 days after sowing

Harvest:  90 to 150 days after sowing

Spacing: 60cm/60cm/1cm deep  


Flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs)

Pollination: by Bees, Self.

Plant is self-fertile

Seed preservation: 5 years


Edible Parts: Leaves

Medicine: DiureticEmollient

The root is emollient and diuretic. The juice of the roots is used in the treatment of chronic coughs and bronchial catarrh.

Known Hazards: The oil contained in the seed of some varieties of this species can be rich in erucic acid which is toxic. However, modern cultivars have been selected which are almost free of erucic acid.